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Erwin 73 Portable: A Tribute to My Grandfather and His Love for Music

In 1923, combining his love for high places with courtship rituals, Armstrong climbed the WJZ (now WABC) antenna located atop a 20-story building in New York City, where he reportedly did a handstand, and when a witness asked him what motivated him to "do these damnfool things", Armstrong replied "I do it because the spirit moves me."[60] Armstrong had arranged to have photographs taken, which he had delivered to David Sarnoff's secretary, Marion MacInnis.[61] Armstrong and MacInnis married later that year.[9] Armstrong bought a Hispano-Suiza motor car before the wedding, which he kept until his death, and which he drove to Palm Beach, Florida for their honeymoon. A publicity photograph was made of him presenting Marion with the world's first portable superheterodyne radio as a wedding gift.[8]

Erwin 73 Portable

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As a short-term solution, the county has placed hundreds of students in portable classrooms at the schools. At Harnett Central, the entire sixth grade never attends class inside a brick building, which raises concerns about student safety in severe weather.


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