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Use Miles Or Buy Ticket Calculator ((TOP))

Deciding whether to pay cash or use rewards for travel can sometimes be a struggle. If you have a decent stash of miles & points, using a small amount to book airfare or hotel stays can save you from having any out-of-pocket expenses. And if you collect flexible points, like Chase Ultimate Rewards points, you can redeem points through the Chase travel portal without having to worry about blackout dates.

use miles or buy ticket calculator

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Also, having a strategy to collect miles & points might make you more likely to use points instead of paying cash. Because you can replenish your points balance quickly by earning a lucrative sign-up bonus on a new card.

Complimentary stopovers up to 30 days may be added on on eligible award redemption ticket types. For bookings issued on or after 1 August 2022, complimentary stopovers exceeding 30 days and paid stopover of any duration will no longer be offered.

For redemption of upgrades from Economy to Premium Economy Class or Business Class, only tickets purchased in Economy Standard (M, H or W booking classes) and Economy Flexi (Y, B or E booking classes ) on flights operated by Singapore Airlines are eligible.

Premium Economy Lite and Business Lite fares will not be eligible for redemption upgrades. For most fare types across all cabin classes, the number of KrisFlyer miles required for redemption upgrades remains the same.

Your miles are as good as cash when you book on You can use your KrisFlyer miles to pay for airfares, taxes and selected ancillaries for Scoot operated itineraries when booking on, starting from as little as 1,050 KrisFlyer miles.

Airline ticket pricing can be interesting. You may see incredible deals such as $21 one-way fares on full-service carriers or incredibly low-priced cross-country tickets. But that's only part of the story. Airlines are also reducing capacity at certain airports and leaving others altogether. New airlines and new routes are popping up. So, from some markets, airfare prices may be higher than what you've paid in the past. Your mileage will vary depending on the airports you fly from.

When cash prices are very high or very low, deciding when to use miles versus cash is often easy. But sometimes, it's a much harder decision. Here are the things we consider when deciding whether to pull out our credit card, frequent flyer number or credit card points when it comes time to book flights.

Using miles is only an option if there's decent award availability at a good price. Before you anguish over whether to use miles or cash, check to see if there is award availability when and where you want to travel. The more flexible your travel dates, the greater chance you will find saver award availability. However, with airlines increasingly moving to dynamic award pricing, "saver awards" may become less of a thing. Instead, you may need to check award prices since they'll vary by day.

Once you know the prices for flights using either cash or miles, it's time for a reality check. Is spending the cash right now even an option for your budget? Do you have enough miles to cover the flights?

Once you know the selling price of the ticket in both dollars and miles, and assuming that you have the luxury of choice when it comes to booking, you need to do some calculations. Most people who have been in the miles and points world for a while have a minimum amount of value they like to get for their airline miles. TPG makes it easy by providing monthly valuations to give you a sense of what you should hope to get for your miles.

Miles are not all worth the same amount. A United mile might be worth 1.11 cents, while an Alaska Airlines mile is worth 1.8 cents. You can use TPG's awards versus cash calculator to make a decision. But here's how to do your own math.

While TPG has point valuations, it helps to decide your own values. One quick way to get a decent idea of how much you value your miles is to decide how much that 25,000 miles domestic round-trip economy ticket would cost in miles instead of cash. Is it $500? $150? $350? If the answer is around $350, then you might be valuing your miles at 1.4 cents each. This calculation is trickier when redeeming for international or premium cabin travel, since many of us would never be able to pay for a $5,000 to $10,000 ticket with cash.

If you care about earning airline elite status by flying a certain number of paid miles each year, then factor that into the equation. It should be a close call based on the cents per mile, but if you need to keep racking up elite status, that may tip the scales to a paid ticket.

Sometimes I use cash to buy my airline tickets and use miles for the rest of the family to lower the overall cash price. This means we aren't on the same reservation, which makes things harder in the case of delays or canceled flights, but it is a strategy I use from time to time.

Even if the math works in favor of using miles, think through whether that would impact any of your long-range plans and dreams. Many times, there are ways to spend cash to take shorter domestic trips, even if that means flying Spirit Airlines. However, outside of using miles, there aren't many budget-friendly ways to take that big, fancy international business- or first-class flight.

We previously used that companion certificate to fly home from Hawaii. Paid tickets wouldn't have made sense normally but did when factoring in the discounted ticket. We've done similar things with the Delta companion fares. Frontier Airlines also offers Kids Fly Free deals and periodic Friends Fly Free offers. These cost savings should weigh into your decisions.

When you can't decide whether to spend miles or cash, the right answer might be Option C: none of the above. Many credit cards award fixed-value points that you can use to book your airfare. This allows you to take advance of good prices while keeping your money safely in your wallet. Plus, you'll still earn progress toward elite status and then aren't tied to award availability restrictions.

For example, you can book a paid fare with your Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card or Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card and then use your miles to pay for all or part of that statement charge at a value of 1 cent per mile. If you've found a great deal on a cash ticket, you can still grab it without burning cash.

A final element to consider when deciding whether to use miles or cash is whether using miles might provide more flexibility than cash. Perhaps you have elite status that allows you to change award reservations without penalty. Or, maybe you can book via a program that doesn't charge big fees for award flight changes or cancellations.

For example, if you book an American Airlines-operated award flight by redeeming Alaska Airlines miles and you need to cancel, you can do so for free if you do it at least the day before your scheduled departure. Just know that you might spend more miles if your new fare is higher than the old one.

If you book via Southwest Rapid Rewards and your plans change (or the price drops), you can refund or modify your award reservation without fees or penalties. Even cash reservations via Southwest can be modified without fees. If your new flight costs less and your ticket is refundable, they'll refund the difference to your original form of payment. If your ticket isn't refundable, you won't lose your money. They'll give you a voucher for the fare difference, which you can use to book future Southwest flights.

There isn't always a perfect answer on whether to use miles or cash for a given ticket, but these are some things my family considers when making that decision. By considering these aspects when booking your next ticket, you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Fees to Redeem are normally charged on a reward flight and are typically an airport tax or fuel surcharge airlines pass onto you. They range from $10 to $250 depending on the location and duration of your trip. It is typically the only cost to you when redeeming your miles / points.

Miles mean free exploration! Get award tickets for yourself or loved ones with saved up Miles and share the joy. Besides, you can upgrade your flight to a Business Class experience with Miles you earned.

If you are upgrading online, the additional taxes and charges must be paid by credit card during the upgrade process. If you do not have a credit card, please get in touch with an Emirates Contact Center to arrange for payment to be made at your local Emirates office or ticket desk.

If you need to make other changes, please contact your local Emirates office. If you have booked through a travel agent and have not yet started your journey, we recommend you contact your agent to make any changes. There may be a charge to make changes to your booking, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. 041b061a72


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