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You Have Requested : Riverdale.US.S04E08.MP4.LE...

In between roles that have won her awards such as a Gracie Award and La Femme Film Festival Rising Star, and nominations for Teen Choice, IMAGEN and an ALMA, Raisa is dedicated to assisting organizations dear to her heart like Unlikely Heroes, whose mission is to provide safe homes and restoration to victims of sex trafficking worldwide.

You have requested : Riverdale.US.S04E08.MP4.LE...

Halle cites the growth process involved in writing hundreds of songs, huddling together as a duo or seeking out collaborators: \"We took everything in like sponges. When you have the opportunity to work with great people, you learn a lot about yourself as well.\"

It was the girls' own \"Drop\" and their ballad \"Fall,\" both produced by Chloe, that raised their confidence level and desire to work even more. Halle says the familial rapport between the two sisters proved that inspiration for a track could come from places unspoken. \"Sometimes it's just a sense of something. When we started writing 'Drop' we wanted to talk about a song that was stuck in our head without sounding so straight forward, so we thought of personifying the song like a relationship. The connection we have can get us to something different a lot quicker.\"

Barry, Oliver, Sara, Alex, Martin and Jax wake up in a Nazi concentration camp on Earth-X wearing power dampeners. The arriving SS Sturmbannführer is revealed to be the Earth-X doppelgänger of Quentin Lance, who plans to execute them, but they are saved by Leo Snart (the Earth-X doppelgänger of Leonard Snart) and Ray Terrill. Snart and Terrill take them to the headquarters of the Freedom Fighters, where the team meets the resistance movement's leader, General Schott (Winn Schott's Earth-X doppelgänger). They learn that the only way back to Earth-1 is through a temporal gateway in a research facility, which Schott plans to blow up to strand Dark Arrow (Oliver's Earth-X doppelgänger) on Earth-1. Oliver disguises himself as Dark Arrow to infiltrate the facility and discovers the Nazis have a contingency plan, a militarized timeship called Wellenreiter. Barry and Ray battle the Freedom Fighters' Red Tornado to stop it from destroying the gateway while the rest of the team enter the facility to reactivate its portal. During the battle, Stein is shot and gravely wounded. On Earth-1, Eobard Thawne prepares to perform surgery on Kara to save Overgirl. Felicity and Iris try to stop him, but are captured.

In September 2017, Helbing noted "There's a lot of love in the air this season," and compared Barry and Iris' reunion to "somebody going off to war for six months and coming back. There's a lot that Iris experienced that Barry didn't when he was gone, and it's really [about] the fun and the emotional component of making up that time when they weren't together." Helbing also explained that the Speed Force "let [Barry] deal with all of the baggage [from the past three seasons]. When he comes out, he's sort of left that all behind."[85] That month, Kreisberg also confirmed that Barry and Iris will be getting married this season,[86] while also revealing that the pair will be going to couples therapy since "[they] keep comically clashing inadvertently because [both are] used to being in charge, and so they wind up going... to work through it." He added, "The two of them with the therapist is some of the funniest stuff we have ever done on this show, but it also leads to a deepening of their relationship."[87]

Reviewing the first two episodes of the season, Allison Keene writing for, felt the premiere "wipes the slate clean, fixing a lot of the issues that plagued the end of the last season, and setting up a much more toned-down storyline. Most importantly, it's brought back some fun." She added that with a "streamlined team," the core characters now have time to interact and have meaningful plot lines. On the second episode, Keene described it as "truly a delight" with the show taking "the time to focus on character relationships, and not just romantic relationships" and each character "feeling like a refreshed version of themselves, with new narrative purpose". She also highlighted the setup of the Thinker "as an Alchemy-like villain who manipulates evil metas into the Flash's path as part of some kind of masterplan", saying "The Flash is a series that truly works best as a procedural, with the team finding creative ways to bring down Villains of the Week."[138]

Cheryl returns to Thistlehouse to find Darius, a night nurse that Toni found online sitting in her living room. Cheryl reluctantly agrees to have Darius around, but not without laying down the rules. She instructs him to only attend to Nana Rose and to stay out of the Blossom chapel in the basement.

Cheryl heads down into the chapel in the basement to talk with Jason. She gets down there and believes Jason may have moved a few feet from where she last saw him while reading to him the night before.

At La Bonne Nuit, after the party has long since ended, and Hiram is gone, Cheryl reminds Veronica that they have a new batch brewing at Thistlehouse. Veronica fears that her father will continue to raid La Bonne Nuit so long as their rum business threatens his, which gives Cheryl an idea. She proposes that they keep La Bonne Nuit open as a night club, as a distraction while they move the rum operation elsewhere.

Cheryl got into the maple business to have fun and explore other paths, and while it was fun at first, she no longer wishes to pursue it. She asks Veronica to buy her out and gives her a hug. She reasons that some families have rum in their veins and others have maple syrup, and some blood types aren't compatible. 041b061a72


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