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Cute Teen Games [UPDATED]

Effectively no different from charades, Catch Phrase gives you more than 5,000 words and phrases to act out and is a classic game night pick for a reason. In the mood to mix things up with a theme? Opt for one of the special-edition games, like Star Wars Catch Phrase or Catch Phrase: Music Edition.

cute teen games

Who said these all had to be board games? For major old-school sleepover vibes, add in a few rounds of Truth or Dare. Afterward, you can keep the confessional theme going with a game of Never Have I Ever, 21 Questions, and This or That.

Why pay for an IRL escape room outing when you can recreate the experience in your pjs? There are all kinds of board games in the escape room milieu nowadays, with themes ranging from haunted dollhouses to the Titanic, but Werewolf Experiment is one of the more popular versions. You and your team, while racing against a 60-minute clock, must solve 19 puzzles before a mad scientist turns you into werewolves. No pressure!

A video-calling app, Houseparty also comes with built-in games, including its own version of Apples to Apples called Chips and Guac. One player puts down a (virtual) prompt card, with the others choosing the wackiest word-association card from their hand in response. Want a game with a different vibe? Heads Up: Karaoke Night and Quick Draw are both popular on Houseparty, too!

Consider yourself a fan of scary games to play with friends? An eerily immersive role-playing game, Alice Is Missing is unique in that it's played entirely over text. While in character, you and your friends will investigate the disappearance of Alice, a girl from your town. From start to finish, the game takes about two hours, with clues gradually dropped in over text until the fate of Alice is ultimately revealed.

It comes with the signature six-button gamepad and is packed with 50 legendary titles, including games like Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic CD, and Earthworm Jim 2. You'll want to order it ASAP though since it ships from Japan.

For those in search of a cool and cute stocking stuffer, these video game pins will do the trick. You get a set of five that are inspired by the controllers for the Nintendo 64, Xbox, Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, and Atari 2600. Each pin is an inch tall and comes with a clutch back.

This nostalgia-inducing, Game Boy-inspired case actually has functional buttons and a screen on it for playing video games. Your recipient will be able to play Tetris, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Bros on it. Just make sure you buy the correctly sized case for their specific iPhone!

As characters, women remain "underrepresented" in video games, a 2017 study confirmed, but they're not to be underestimated. Our picks for gaming's 30 best female characters drew from a pool of memorable, compelling, iconic figures. Sidekicks were considered worthy of inclusion, but solo stars were better. Damsels in distress were likewise in the mix...provided they got less damsel-y and more fully realized with each adventure.

In the original The Last of Us, this teenager created a stir for being a survivor, albeit a second-banana to the older male lead. In the E3-teased sequel, The Last of Us Part II, Ellie will be the focus. Please note her as a heroine on the rise.

This half-vampire, half-human is a multimedia force -- the star of her own games and movies. (On the big screen, she was originally portrayed by Kristanna Loken of Terminator 3.) She was also the (topless) face of the gaming industry in a famous Playboy profile.

This character has progressed from a bit part in the original Silent Hill to the protagonist of Silent Hill 3 (and the film, Silent Hill: Revelation). The first female -- and teenager -- to lead the horror franchise, Heather is an upgrade over "her two bland-o male predecessors," Game Revolution said.

These durable and colorful fidget toys can be pulled, stretched and squished whenever your teen is bored or needs some stress relief. You can also opt for the bigger Neeh Doh ball that changes colors.

They'll be delighted to see their favorite, classic board games done up in a miniature version! This fun collectible has all of the pieces of the real board games shrunk down to mini size. The games are actually playable, but Good Housekeeping Institute testers mostly used them as collectibles and decorations.

Have a teen who takes a phone into the bathroom with them when they shower and tries to turn the volume all the way up? Save them the hassle with this Bluetooth speaker, which is water-resistant and suction cups to the shower wall. It comes in several colors, and lasts for six hours on a charge.

It's a fast-paced card game designed after their favorite snack! The strategy game asks players to "eat" Pop-Tarts flavor combinations with the highest point values, and they can shift the flavors around using different action cards. The game is designed to be played in 15 minutes, so it's good for teens with short attention spans.

If you don't want to have to get them another super-expensive pair of AirPods next Christmas, give them these EarHooks to keep the ones they have safe. They're flexible and loop around the AirPods and your teens' ears, so they don't fall out in transit. They also come in a bevy of colors.

None of these games contain any advertisements or extraneous branding. All games are published using mobile and desktop friendly HTML5 web design. Links to each game open in a new tab focused exclusively on the associated game instead of having the games framed inside other web pages. Here are the gaming collections we offer to help students have fun while learning in an interactive environment:

These games help students differentiate healthy foods versus unhealthy foods. We also provide free food clip-art you can use in the classroom. Teachers emphasizing the importance of exercise, limiting excess body fat, and maintaining a healthy body weight can leverage our free online calculators.

These games help students learn attention to detail, process repetition, and simulate what it would be like to serve orders out of the kitchen or work as a waiter. The Open Restaurant and Penguin Cafe games are particularly compelling for showing how much stress servers go through as they try to balance customer demands. Coffee Shop is a terriffic game for teaching about entrepreneurship and running a business, putting players in control of pricing, formula, inventory management, and cashflow management.

Pizza Shop is a timed 14-stage simulation game where players must give customers the menu, and then deliver them a slice of pizza with the shape and topings they desire. Use both ovens and both hands to work on multiple orders at once. This game is harder than the other games in this series as both the slice making and toppings portions of the level take a bit of time each. Collect the customer payment when they are done. At the end of each round there is a match 3 game.

Pizza Party serves guests custom made pizzas using ingredients like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil and pepperoni. This game is easier than many of the other games since the crust is automatic, almost every order (except for the ham and mushroom) starts with tomato sauce, there are few total ingredients to choose from & you can add ingredients in any order. This game is quite easy to play. Second and third grade students should enjoy it, with students in higher grades finding it a bit boring until they advance to higher levels and can choose between making more advanced pizzas like quattro stagioni to go with basic margherita, marinara and pepperoni pizzas.

Nickelodeon Cooking Contest is a food preparation compelation game consisting of 10 different mini-games. This game invites you to make Holland Oats, a Krabby Patty, Sushi Dushi, a Kelp Shake, donuts, avacado toast, sponge cake, Love Muffins, Hudson's Juice Blend, and steak & potatoes. This game teaches children how to slice food, mixing ingredients, and timing cooking meals.

Tom & Jerry Parade Pranks is a cute version of the game snake where you play as Jerry inside the head of a Chinese dragon. Each of the 20 levels has a specific number of cheese pieces you must collect to win. Avoid running into the walls, yourself