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X in Crisis: A Comedy Drama That Tackles the Realities of Modern Life - Download Here

Download X in Crisis: A Hilarious Comedy Series About Midlife Crisis

Are you looking for a comedy series that will make you laugh out loud and sympathize with the characters at the same time? Do you want to watch a show that deals with the realistic and funny struggles of middle-aged people? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should download X in Crisis, a new Korean comedy series that is streaming on Wavve.

download x in crisis

What is X in Crisis?

X in Crisis is a comedy series that follows the life of Yoon Bo-woo, a regular office worker who faces all kinds of catastrophes, such as stock crashes, housing price surges, unemployment, and hair loss. He tries to cope with his midlife crisis with the help of his wife, who dreams of becoming a web novelist, and his doctor friend, who gives him advice from his heart.

The plot of X in Crisis

X in Crisis is based on the South Korean novel It Hurts Because Im A Middle Aged Man by Kwak Kyung-yoon. The novel was published in 2019 and became a bestseller, attracting many readers who related to the protagonist's woes. The novel was adapted into a six-episode series by the same writer, who also wrote other popular dramas such as Love Revolution and Big Forest.

The cast of X in Crisis

X in Crisis boasts a stellar cast of actors who bring their characters to life with their comedic skills and chemistry. The main cast includes:

  • Kwon Sang-woo as Yoon Bo-woo, the protagonist who is on the brink of bankruptcy and baldness. Kwon Sang-woo is a famous actor who starred in many hit movies and dramas, such as My Tutor Friend, Stairway to Heaven, and Queen of Mystery.

  • Lim Se-mi as Kang Mi-jin, Yoon Bo-woo's wife who supports him but also gets angry at him sometimes. She wants to be a successful web novelist but faces writer's block. Lim Se-mi is an actress who appeared in dramas such as True Beauty, About Time, and Shopping King Louie.

  • Sung Dong-il as Heo Joon, Yoon Bo-woo's doctor friend who runs a neighborhood clinic. He is always tired and indifferent, but he has a warm heart and cares for his patients. Sung Dong-il is a veteran actor who played memorable roles in dramas such as Jirisan, Hospital Playlist, Reply 1988, and It's Okay to Not Be Okay.

  • Shin Hyun-soo as Andy Jung, an idol singer who becomes Yoon Bo-woo's neighbor. He is handsome and charming, but he has a secret that he wants to hide. Shin Hyun-soo is an actor who starred in dramas such as Age of Youth, My Golden Life, and Twelve Nights.

  • Park Jin-joo as Assistant Manager Kim, Yoon Bo-woo's colleague who is loyal and helpful. She has a crush on Andy Jung and tries to get close to him. Park Jin-joo is an actress who appeared in dramas such as Fight for My Way, Her Private Life, and Oh My Baby.

The trailer of X in Crisis

Wavve released the first trailer of X in Crisis on August 5, 2021. The trailer shows the hilarious situations that Yoon Bo-woo faces as he tries to overcome his midlife crisis. It also introduces the other characters and their relationships with Yoon Bo-woo. You can watch the trailer here:

<iframe Why should you watch X in Crisis?

X in Crisis is not just a comedy series that will make you laugh, but also a heartwarming and inspiring story that will touch your emotions. Here are some reasons why you should watch X in Crisis:

It is based on a popular novel

X in Crisis is based on a novel that resonated with many readers who felt the same pain and frustration as the protagonist. The novel was praised for its realistic and humorous portrayal of the midlife crisis, as well as its witty and relatable dialogue. The novel also won several awards, such as the 2020 Korea Book Award and the 2021 Korea Content Award. If you enjoyed the novel, you will love the series as well.

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It has a talented director and writer

X in Crisis is directed by Lee Byung-hun, who is known for his work in comedy and romance genres. He directed other successful dramas, such as Be Melodramatic, Extreme Job, and Twenty. He is also a skilled actor who starred in movies such as The Flu, The Pirates, and The Man from Nowhere. He brings his expertise and experience to create a hilarious and touching series that will captivate the viewers.

X in Crisis is written by Kwak Kyung-yoon, who is also the author of the original novel. He is a versatile writer who can write both novels and scripts. He also wrote other popular dramas, such as Love Revolution and Big Forest. He adapts his own novel into a series that stays faithful to the source material, but also adds new elements and twists that will surprise the fans.

It has a stellar cast and chemistry

X in Crisis has a stellar cast of actors who are perfect for their roles. They deliver their lines with great timing and expression, making the viewers laugh and cry with them. They also have great chemistry with each other, creating a believable and dynamic relationship among the characters. The viewers will feel like they are watching real people with real problems, rather than actors playing roles.

It has a relatable and humorous story

X in Crisis has a story that many people can relate to, especially those who are in their 40s or 50s. It shows the struggles and challenges that middle-aged people face in their personal and professional lives, such as financial difficulties, marital conflicts, career changes, health issues, and social pressures. It also shows how they cope with their problems with humor and optimism, finding joy and meaning in their lives. The viewers will find themselves rooting for the characters and laughing along with them.

How to download X in Crisis?

If you want to watch X in Crisis anytime and anywhere, you can download it from Wavve, the official streaming platform for the series. Wavve is a South Korean video-on-demand service that offers various content, such as movies, dramas, variety shows, sports, news, and music. You can access Wavve through its website or app on your devices.

The legal and safe way to download X in Crisis

To download X in Crisis legally and safely from Wavve, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create an account on Wavve or log in if you already have one.

  • Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and budget. Wavve offers three plans: Basic (4.99 USD per month), Standard (8.99 USD per month), and Premium (12.99 USD per month). The Basic plan allows you to watch up to two devices at the same time, while the Standard and Premium plans allow you to watch up to four devices at the same time. The Premium plan also gives you access to exclusive content and features.

  • Search for X in Crisis on Wavve or browse through its categories.

  • Select the episode that you want to download and click on the download icon.

  • Choose the quality of the video that you want to download: SD (standard definition), HD (high definition), or FHD (full high definition). The higher the quality, the more storage space it will take on your device.

  • Wait for the download to finish and enjoy watching X in Crisis offline.

The benefits of downloading X in Crisis

Downloading X in Crisis from Wavve has several benefits, such as:

  • You can watch X in Crisis without an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

  • You can save your data usage or avoid buffering issues when streaming online.

  • You can watch X in Crisis on your preferred device, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV.

  • You can watch X in X in Crisis anytime and anywhere, even when you are traveling, commuting, or relaxing.

  • You can watch X in Crisis as many times as you want, without any limitations or restrictions.

The drawbacks of downloading X in Crisis

Downloading X in Crisis from Wavve also has some drawbacks, such as:

You need to pay for a subscription plan to dow


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