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Bling Empire: New York

BLING EMPIRE: NEW YORK is an unscripted series featuring Asian American socialites living it up in the Big Apple. The Bling Empire spinoff stars #RichKids of Beverly Hills alum Dorothy Wang, actress turned fashionista Tina Leung, Mexican lawyer and modeling agency owner Deborah Valdez-Hung and her husband Stephen Hung, Canadian fashion magazine editor Blake Abbie, and couture jewelry designer Lynn Ban. Also joining them is the less-blingy businessman Richard Chang (with girlfriend Vika Abbyaeva), who finds himself in their inner circle thanks to his networking capabilities. Some Bling Empire cast members like Kane Lim and Christina Chiu also make appearances. As the socialites enjoy exclusive high-end parties, fashion shows, shopping, and other activities, there's also lots of drama among them.

Bling Empire: New York

The superficial unscripted spinoff showcases an East Coast, mostly Asian American, group of socialites who are extremely wealthy and narcissistic. As viewers are introduced to the main cast members, their net worth is highlighted, as is their background and source of income, in order to contextualize their blingy way of life. Richard Chang, the "poor" member of the group, is more humble, but clearly enjoys rubbing elbows with the upper crust. Meanwhile, most of their conversations and behaviors are hard to take seriously, as is the drama that unfolds among them. While some will find this entertaining, it makes it easy it to ignore the fact that many of the cast members are intelligent, hard working, and successful professionals. Overall, Bling Empire: New York offers the same obnoxious content as its parent series, which will make fans of the franchise want to tune in.

Ahead of Bling Empire's third season, Netflix dropped the first teaser for its upcoming spin-off, Bling Empire: New York. Promising a "new empire" with "bigger bling," the flashy trailer does not disappoint as it teases romance, drama, style -- hello New York Fashion Week! -- and, of course, diamonds.

Because the world loves to see a little more "bling" every now and then, Netflix has been kind enough to expand the Bling Empire universe to include new spinoff Bling Empire: New York. While viewers of the original series have coronated Anna Shay as the Queen Bee of that show, when it comes to the group of "friends" in the Big Apple, that royal title has been assigned to Tina Leung. Despite Dorothy Wang being the anchor of the new franchise, her bestie Tina has managed to capture the heart of the show's fans. 041b061a72


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