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At eco valley, our employees receive 33% of the labor revenue they earn for the company. The quality and efficiency of their service work determines what they’ll take home. While all employees are paid a base rate by the hour, the more dedicated, efficient workers can earn a far higher take home pay when they can perform excellent service in under their budget. This pay-for-performance model increases how much team members can make and yields a better result for our customers.

Be part of something better!

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Our employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles yet we all share a passion for working outdoors, a love for the environment and the desire to fulfill customers’ dreams of a beautiful home landscape. Whether it is pruning an ornamental shrub, shaping the geometry of a garden bed or leaving the job site cleaner than when we arrived, at Eco Valley our work ethic and attention to detail go beyond making sure we finish before the time runs out. We look for prospective team members who come to work with passions of their own and contribute their unique talents for the prosperity of the company, the customer and especially themselves.  

Why Choose Us?
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  • Competitive base pay plus P4P system of benefits 

  • Dynamic channels for career advancement

  • Flexible work schedules such as Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday

  • Weekend schedules available

  • No experience necessary! On-site training and skill building is continuous

  • Excellent team to work with and learn from

  • Work for every season, full time or part time

  • Working in nature where you can see the results of your efforts

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Despite its current size, the skills of the team here at Eco Valley covers such a range and solves problems so diversely that our out-put will out-perform the larger, mainstream landscape companies. Our crew members aren’t just one trick ponies- they have a comprehensive knowledge of the multifaceted field of lawn care that not only allows for fast service and an attractive final product but also is safe for the environment and keeps plant and lawn health a priority.  

Come Work With Us

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