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Low-Emission Lawn Care With a Purpose

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We use low-emission, professional grade electric tools - offering a quieter, healthier, and more sustainable option  within the lawn care industry.

We do things differently.

Our lawn care services offer an alternative to traditional gas-based lawn care companies within the industry. Everything we use is electric, organic, quiet and sustainable. We believe that together, we can help change this industry for the better. 

Did you know?

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The EPA estimates that hour for hour, one single push mower emits  11 times more air pollution than that of an average motor vehicle. 

Gas leaf blower and decibel meter

Gas powered leaf blowers operate at deafening levels of 75-120 decibels. Electric blowers operate in the range of only 40-65 decibels.

Why Choose Us?

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Locally Owned

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Competitive Rates

Customized Services

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Light Bulb Logo.png

Quiet & Clean

Low Emissions 

Fully Insured

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Commercial & Residential

Why Choose
Eco Valley?

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Quiet, Clean 100% Electric Mowers

Our electric lawn care equipment is quiet, clean and efficient. Providing the same quality results with only 50% of the noise, no harmful pollutants, and no smell of gas.

Premium Standards & Customer Service

Cyrus and his team provide the highest quality standard of lawn care and customer service available in the greater Northampton Area.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are unsatisfied with our work, contact Eco Valley and we will try to make it right. If you remain unsatisfied, that job is free.


Electric Vehicles & Equipment

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Update the Electric Grid


Fossil Fuel Incentives & Rebates


Support the Worker Transition to Clean Energy Jobs

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